We survived the night – not really sure why we bought a crib though…. I’m apparently the mom who believes with all her heart that if she puts the baby in the crib and leaves the room to go upstairs and actually sleep or something that the breath bandits will come and take the baby’s soul away. And one in the morning isn’t the time to be academic about such things. Thankfully I have this wonderful perfect husband who will hold the baby and let me go sleep though.

All in all a very good day. My milk came in something crazy, have fed Alex all day and had reserves. Of course he rips through the reserves when I nap – but the operative phrase in that sentence is “when I nap” – this means I get some sleep, and Daddy and Mimi get a chance to actually spend time with Alex too.

In a crazy related note – I feel like the coolest freaking person on the planet. I feel like that cocky confident early twenty something – I don’t know when I’ve ever felt like this. I can do anything! (Except sleep more than two hours at a stretch!)