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Another Milestone

It’s always the dumb things that make the big events sink in. I can’t remember what randomness made me realize Scout and I were married – but last night I was fixing my address book and searched our last name and there was my name and Scout’s name. Like I haven’t seen this a million times. But something about seeing Scout’s name in my email takes me back to when.. Read More

15 minutes past Mother’s Day

Oh yeah, Alex can projectile. He was out of sorts last night, and I wondered where he was putting all his food. Would settle him down, put him down, he’d wake up about the time I got the covers pulled to my chin. Went through that routine a few times, then he was settled long enough to hear that ‘urp’. By the time I made it across the room to.. Read More

Mother’s Day

Motherhood has not made me kinder and gentler. It makes me grumpy when it appears it opens the door to have inane conversations about “Do I have a good baby?” Well duh, I could have birthed the son of satan and I wouldn’t realize it. I’d wonder about the horn poking me under the chin when I snuggled with him, but I wouldn’t realize what was really up. So I.. Read More