Yay for Baby H!

Today was hard. Counseling was hard. The six hours I spent crying after counseling were hard. Alex not wanting to go to sleep was hard. The thoughts in my head are hard. Being completely worn out in the middle of the night yet not able to sleep is hard.

Getting a phone call from my brother Forbes telling me that Baby H (female) was here one week early – wonderful. For many reasons.
1. I was 12 days overdue, someone needed to go early to keep the law of averages… well, average. I wanted A to get all 12 of the days I’d banked, but 7 is good too.
2. Mom and Baby are healthy and okay. Some incident with the placenta delivery, but no lasting concern.
3. Asking my brother what her name was and him saying “Baby H”. My brother with all the plans has decided to take the weekend to decide with A what the right choice is.
4. Alex and Baby H have birthdays exactly one month apart.
5. Most touching – the thing that brings me tears when I should be all cried out – he called. He cared enough to pick up the phone and call me. I heard it from him, not from someone else. Not days later. And interestingly – I text messaged him when Alex was born. A text in the midst of all the other texts I sent. I’ve spent years reaching out, and in one phone call he trumped all my reaching. I don’t even know how to explain how wobbly this makes my heart.

He cared enough to call.