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Why it sucks being the mom

As long as I’ve lived with Scout, anytime I had to do some household chore I didn’t want to do I would mentally refer to it as “being the mom”. Now I am the mom and here’s the reasons (today) that it sucks. Everyone else in the house is sleeping (Scout, Alex, MIL). I am not. I have had less than 5 hours of sleep …. for many nights in.. Read More

And again.

I’m so sick of typing one handed that all my compter correspondence is just going to hell. I did want to post that I’ve developed my first non curse word that seems to fulfill my needs as a curse word that I can say in public. I bring you : Clustersmack. Clearly public friendly replacement for ClusterFUCK. But the substitutions in Clustersmack seem to give my mouth enough things to.. Read More