Here we go. We spent three days travelling to the land of vices. Two days looking for a house. Tonight we bid on an awesome house too expensive but we’ll figure it out. Tomorrow Scout starts at the office so we are now beginning the new normal. Alex still wakes up if not held/kept close while he sleeps. We keep trying to help this change, we just haven’t been able to yet – and the last week of course has a pantload of reasons why.

Anyway. Last night we went to Culvers and my custard came with a straw and Scout’s came with a spoon. Now this is some seriously thick stuff. I said “If I can suck this custard through a straw then you are a seriously lucky man”.

So tonight Scout seemed stressed and I asked him if was okay. He asked me to define okay. I said “Is there something I should be doing besides this (putting food away in the freezer) to help you?”

As soon as I asked… I just knew….

“Well how’s your peanut butter custard through a straw coming along?”

to which I responded with how pervy it would be to do that while trading off on who was in charge of holding the baby.