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More important than 164.5

Wandering the Google Reader during naptime (It’s nice relaxation during pumping) I linked my way to this blog post. I’d run across “Team Whymommy” before but hadn’t locked in on it. I now join masses of good women sending good energy/prayers/thoughts off to Whymommy – who I’ve never met. This is what she wants me to know, and wants you to know too: Inflammatory breast cancer Monday July 23rd 2007,.. Read More


I hate this number. During the 15 year awkward period I had (ages 8-22), I didn’t pick up on the transition from getting larger clothes because I was growing taller to getting larger clothes because I was growing fatter. When I was 20, I hit my top weight of 164. I don’t remember how I felt specifically. I don’t really remember how I looked. This really was just more of.. Read More