Hm. That number just keeps hanging on.

But then, let’s be honest, so has my habit of eating whatever I want.

So. Starting this morning, I am back on smoothie track. Want my recipe?

I mix equal portions of:
flax seed
vanilla whey powder
and put it in a container to make it easier to get to.

For 1 serving (all of these measurements should have”-ish” after them):

1 cup vanilla yogurt (I like Silk Soy better than dairy)
handful of almonds (or healthy spoonful of peanut butter – for the nutty protein)
3 Tbsp of the flax/oatmeal/whey powder mixture
some frozen fruit – I used strawberries. about a cup worth I guess.

use either milk or a juice to thin out as needed – i may have used some orange in it.

personally I think the almonds make it special. oatmeal is crazy good for you, I don’t really care for it but I don’t notice it in the smoothie.

I’ll make it and whatever is left I just put in the blender in the fridge and add to it the next day. That way I don’t wash a bunch of (expensive) stuff down the drain just to do it all again the next day.