Excerpt from a recent email conversation btw Scout and I (italics are my commentary)


Call Kaiser’s old pediatrican’s office and see what you need to fax for release (I then supply numbers like a good wife.)

Alex tinkled on the big boy potty. (Yes, we already put the baby on the potty – I’m home all day, it breaks the monotony of the diapers.)


Called pediatrician.?Ǭ† Got answering machine.

Just need Kaiser’s medical records, correct??Ǭ† (Obviously not mine as they didn’t treat me.)

Yea Alex!!!!?Ǭ† for tinkles in the potty.


yeah, just alex’s records. guess it would help if i gave you a fax number
(supplied fax number here)

alex is now in boobies t shirt taking 3rd bad/too short/grumpybutt nap of the day. after a SECOND potty tinkle!

Jesus. What has happened to us?

Here. Just to balance out all the tinkle talk.