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Technical assistance … help

Dear reader, I love my iPhoto, but today it’s being an (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted). As you can tell, my header is different, since it is the Kaiser’s 5 month birthday, I thought I would post a new header photo. For some reason when I crop it to constrain to 770×200 it makes it LOOK like it’s doing it, however it’s still full pixels, which means when I post it.. Read More

Tuesday’s Tatas

Bra shopping was a complete success. Mrs. Forbes and I entered the store with our two strollers and watched business come to an immediate halt as the baby gushing began. I browsed the drawer for my size and pulled out five that seemed like likely candidates. This bra was the only winner. I got it in blue, it’s so pretty. I had them go look for anything else that might.. Read More