Bra shopping was a complete success. Mrs. Forbes and I entered the store with our two strollers and watched business come to an immediate halt as the baby gushing began. I browsed the drawer for my size and pulled out five that seemed like likely candidates.

This bra was the only winner. I got it in blue, it’s so pretty. I had them go look for anything else that might also work, when they came back, it was me, Alex, and two shop girls in the small dressing room. (One shopgirl was training the other.) They tried me in a few other bras, including nursing bras. Nothing was as good as the one I’d found myself. So while it’s still not pregnancy size, it’s totally +5 on the Mommy’s Point System scale.

It’s always a surreal experience to have another woman put on my bra FOR me. I always do the fasten in front, shimmy around, pull straps up, hoist the girls in place method. They do the Put arms through, bend at the waist, shake into place, stand, fasten in back method. To top it off, she would come around and ADJUST MY BOOBIES into place. After childbirth, this was nothing, at least my pants were on.

Meanwhile, the Kaiser got pissed and the shopgirl in training picked him up and entertained him so I could actually get on with the bra shopping. Awesome.

The nursing bras were a huge bust (hardy har har). All was not lost, however. Shopgirl says, while holding new pretty bra:

“We can have this altered into a nursing bra for you for free.”

Did she just say free?

So, I did what any girl would do – I bought the pretty blue one intact, I bought the same bra in white to send off to be altered into a nursing bra. It should be here late next week. I totally can not wait!