I’ve had that little bit of swag over in the sidebar for a month or so now, I found it over at Doodaddy and thought this would be a nice change from my normal rant about boobs and lack of sleep.

Blog Action Day this year is focusing on the environment, and unless you are totally a no impact person, living under a rock, without access to any kind of media, you have run across something that mentions psst… the environment… perhaps we need to change our ways just a smidge.

It’s overwhelming, all the things we could think about. I decided that I can’t focus on it all. So my focus in my house, for the next year is to go back to the original “reuse, reduce, recycle” mantra. And it’s for a very worthy cause.

Top Ten Ways Reducing Trash Will Get Me More Sex

10. Less fast food = less trash = weight loss = sex

9. Less Starbucks = less trash = more money for lingerie (that I’ll look good in b/c of #10.) = sex

8. Less time shopping for things we don’t really need = less trash = more free time = sex

7. Cloth diapers = no rotting disposables sitting around the house = nice smelling house = makes candles work better for setting mood = sex

6. Fresh fruit = no trash = more energy = sex

5. Less trash = more freedom for Kaiser to play in the other room = sex

4. Less trash to landfills = less landfills = more outdoors = more places to have sex

3. Less packaged food = less trash = better health = longer life = more time for… sex

2. Less trash in car = clean car = less time spent cleaning car = more time for sex

1. Less trash Scout has to take out = happy Scout = sex

(Ten Steps for Creating Breast Health)