I do, it’s true.

Here’s Proof One:


I *cleaned* for you. And Lisa is right – of course I had a method. Of course I did. But just so no one is feeling all tight of breath over my system, I have rearranged it for you.

And no. No you may not ask to see the “Desktop” folder.


Here’s Proof Two:

Seriously. Thank you, each of you, for commenting me through my birth story. I’ve emailed many of you to attempt to give my blubbery thanks, but I’m saying it again. Here. Publicly.

You each gave me the gift of strength to tell that story. You each gave me the gift of patience of reading it – the backstory, the mindset, and the really ugly – all so that I could, finally, pare it down to a birth story that I would want to retell time and again, without anger or fear, and focusing on the good that I found in me – and in that awesome little prize at the end.

So in return, I give you all I have to give – Mrs. Flipphead gave me this pretty “Nice Matters” award, and I’m passing it on to my supports from last week.

Amy W

Arkie Mama











Jen (Powers)

Jennifer (Playgroups)

Jennifer (Spaghetti)


Kelly O



Mary Alice


slouching mom



(Actually, you have your choice of bling, the flowers or the sexy, whatever’s clever ๐Ÿ™‚ )

(If I happened to miss you, it’s not intentional, it’s because the 6 month growth spurt has kicked in, I’ve been attached to the moo pump for 48 hours straight and Scout and I are on no sleep – kick me in the shins and I’ll fix it for you….)


Arkie Mama? Are you there? I have something else for you…

Veronica gave me this:


and I need to give it to you for the birth story email, the understanding, the time you took, and for not yelling at me for not replying yet. Thank you, as always, from the bottom of my boobs (a long way down).


Here’s Proof Three:

The Magnum Roll – over on the sidebar – currently homebase for Audubon Ron. Just because he keeps stopping by to harass me, make me laugh my ass off, and has no blogroll of his own. And because I’m softy for a handsome face, what can I say?


I’m gonna give you …. I don’t know what …. tomorrow, and then Friday I’ll post the next items to vote on for me to write about next week.

(Ten Steps for Creating Breast Health)