It’s my first awarding of a perfect post. For the record, I picked this as my perfect post before I knew we had the same job AND had both sat in the same crusty booths of the same late night diner while we were in college TOGETHER and never knew each other.

The stay at home mom gig is hard. Scout has looked me square in the eye and said, “Your job is harder than mine.” I love him more each time he walks in the door, puts down his work gear and takes the baby out of my arms after a long day. I love him for switching gears so quickly.

I read her post, and felt her with every word. The fatigue, the redundancy, the “where do I fit in”.

But it was when I read her words of, “Is this IT …. or is THIS it….?” that my eyes stung with tears. Knowing the joy in midst of the day to day monotony.

This October Perfect Post award goes to Jennifer of Playgroups are No Place For Children, for her post called “Time“. Thanks for “using your words” (guh, how many times have said that personally and professionally eh?)

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*I miss the Perfect Post awards – I miss giving the love and the shout outs for well done work. I think this is something I need to look into doing more often.

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