I see traffic from Germany on my site.

I am so jealous.

Some 160 years ago, my great great grandfather’s parents and sister and brother boarded a boat in Germany and got off in New Orleans.

Last summer, Scout and I went to Europe, we went to Cologne (Koln … I can’t find the umlaut on my keyboard) where his family came from and Hannover where my family came from.

We took a train from Paris to Hannover. An overnight sleeper train. I should have been lulled to sleep by the train on the tracks, but I wasn’t. I was too busy looking out the window. Too busy waiting for the passing signs to tell me we reached the mutterland. Once I saw a sign written in German, I fell fast asleep.

I stepped off the train in Hannover and it felt *right* under my feet. Just right.

So all you blog travelers who come to see me from Germany, pat that ground for me. I miss it, I miss it down in my heart.