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Below is from my friend who had the miscarriage. If you’ve had this test, would you comment on it – anything I could pass on to her…

” Ok. So I have been put through the ringer the last several months. Some of you know that in March I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks. Well it happened again in September. I was 17 weeks along and my water broke. I am doing fine, but just wish that me and my husband had some answers.

I am going in for an HSG test on Wednesday to see if there are any problems with my uterus. An HSG is a test where they push dye into your uterus to check for any abonormalities. They will be able to take x-rays and see if there is anything there. I am terrified about the pain as I have heard that it is extremly painfull. But on the other hand considering what I have been through, this should be a breeze. At this point I will endure any physical pain to find out what is going on to avoid losing another precious child. My doctor seems to think that I will be able to have a healthy pregnancy again, we just need to find the problem and fix it. After all, I DO have one healthy boy and we don’t have any problems getting pregnant, just staying pregnant. “