Okay, so I’m actually more or less at post 200, but you’ll forgive me if I only give 100 things about me – really, I’m just looking out for you.

1. I have turned 27.

2. More than once.

3. Scout and I were married 9 years, 1 month, and 14 days after our first kiss.

4. I knew he was my lobster before he knew he was my lobster.

5. I used to hate scrapbooking.

6. I changed my mind.

7. I have been to 10 foreign countries (Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Cayman Islands, Jamaica)

8. I just realized our passports expired last week.

9. I’m concerned that England, Ireland and Scotland are all part of the UK and not actual countries, I’m afraid that I’m looking like a stupid American right about now.

10. Since being pregnant, I don’t have to shave my legs as often. This is my one perk of pregnancy. (other than the baby… clearly)

11. Scout is 13 inches taller than me. (Oh wait, this is about me… I am 13 inches shorter than Scout.)

12. My dad is a retired mortician.

13. He used to work with FEMA to identify people after mass casualties.

14. Like airline crashes.

15. I’m terrified of flying.

16. I went to 3 universities before getting a Bachelors degree.

17. They all have different names now.

18. I have a disgustingly high IQ.

19. I routinely forget to put the lid on popcorn while popping it.

20. I have insomnia.

21. Right now.

22. Which is perverse because I’ve been exhausted all day.

23. I adore Trinny and Susannah and detest Clinton and Stacey.

24. I grew up in the same town as Shawn Pelton. (The drummer from Saturday Night Live.)

25. I had his mom for class.

26. Somewhere is a photo of me with David Hasselhoff. At the World of Wheels when I was 8 or so.

27. I use a MacBook Pro.

28. It’s missing a tab key because the Kaiser ripped it off.

29. I love German food. Especially schnitzel. Okay, fine, the sauce on the schnitzel.

30. I want to live in Germany.

31. I want to make the Kaiser learn German, so I can live vicariously through my child.

32. I don’t think that’s a healthy idea.

33. I am Episcopalian.

34. If I sat down and analyzed what I really believe, they might throw me out.

35. I haven’t tried to go to church in a year.

36. I have a million excuses why.

37. I like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate.

38. I have had three cats.

39. For some reason when I went to type “cats”, I typed “days” instead.

40. I am a genealogy DORK.

41. I track other people’s families for fun.

42. I think about trying to make a little pocket money at it.

43. I knit.

44. I am becoming a total yarn snob, I shop by feel.

45. I laugh my ass off at “Kentucky Fried Movie”. Especially “Catholic High School Girls in Trouble.

46. I have known Scout for 13 years, 9 months and 1 day.

47. I would like to sew my own clothes.

48. I have shit for patience with sewing.

49. I am jealous of other women.

50. It’s one of my least attractive qualities.

51. It’s uglier than my stretchmarks.

52. I detest wine.

53. I wish I didn’t, I think wine is classy.

54. I detest beer.

55. I wish I didn’t, I think it’s fun.

56. I love me some vodka.

57. Especially in a Bloody Mary.

58. I love Seabreezes.

59. But I get pissed when a bartender makes a Cape Cod instead. Bleah.

60. I never want to own a dog.

61. Scout would love a dog.

62. Alex sleeps with us.

63. Because my mommy paranoia is that SIDS will eat my baby if he sleeps alone.

64. I don’t know when I’m going to get over that.

65. I suck *SUCK* at doing my hair.

66. I get to be featured on Whoorl’s “Hair Thursday” sometime in 2008.

67. I’m not a fan of Disney Movies.

68. Because they almost always kill of a parent. That’s not entertainment to me.

69. I love the Indigo Girls.

70. I love Depeche Mode.

71. I love old school Erasure.

72. I probably don’t know any other groups. Ever.

73. I have been known to identify a James Taylor song in only 2 notes.

74. Six.

75. No I’m not telling you six what. You can use your imagination.

76. I can actually cook.

77. I am incapable of folding Scout’s tshirts.

78. I am too short to easily put pillowcases on king size pillows.

79. I like hard beds.

80. I’m sucking at my October/November Mrs. Flinger challenge.

81. Alex seems to be left hand dominant and it bugs me.

82. It bugs me that it bugs me.

83. My dad and I have problems.

84. Sometimes it makes me sad.

85. Sometimes I don’t give a damn.

86. I know I’ve run out of things to say when I start whining about daddy issues.

87. I love seeing stereotypes proven true.

88. I love seeing stereotypes proven false.

89. I believe the more stuff you know, the funnier life is.

90. My favorite quote is, “The world steps aside to let anyone pass, if they know where they are going.”

91. I love sandwiches. I’d like to have one right now.

92. I’m considering changing Alex’s name.

93. To Cock Block
94. My NaNoWriMo story – you’ve read the best of it, it’s downhill from here.

95. Once upon a time, I was a certified PreK-6 teacher.

96. Now I am a board certified speech-language pathologist.

97. I never understood why people used such choppy sentences in these 100 things thing.

98. I understand now.

99. Really.

100. I do.