So, it’s that time of year where everyone thinks about overindulgence. We’ve made it through Black Friday, we’re in the full swing of gift giving holidays. We have neighbors who have holiday crap that has apparently thrown up on their lawn, so covered in decorations it is.

I’ve been loving Unplug Your Kids, even more than usual because she’s been talking about holiday madness and she echoes a lot of how I feel about things. However, she’s way cooler and already at the point of knowing how to make some changes whereas I’m still sitting here going “huh… I’d like to make a change … but first … PIE!”

I grew up between two homes. At Christmas time, we got the gigantic Christmas catalogs and sat down and made lists of what we wanted. The tree was always real, the presents were always piled high. Even if my step-mom had busted her ass getting everything wrapped the night before, for us to just rip apart and throw away bags of paper a few hours later. It was always a Big Deal with presents and such.

My mom’s house was different. We never had a real tree, we had a Norfolk Pine that we’d decorate with little ornaments, and once that tree died after having it for several years, she decorated the mother in law tongue plant. She never asked me what I wanted for Christmas, there were never stacks of presents, I once got to open one present early – and that was my winter coat that I needed to be able to leave the house when we’d gotten a lot of snow.

With the exception of a couple of years, I liked the smaller Christmas much much better.

Now that I’m “the mom” I feel like I’m responsible for Alex growing up with good memories and traditions. Not that Scout doesn’t feel responsible, I just ponder this kind of stuff more than he does.

So, for the next little while, I know I’m going to be talking about the idea of “enough” in my life. I promise it’ll be random 🙂 I know you aren’t surprised.