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Ta DAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Yay to EVERYONE who backed up my crazy of “yep, it ain’t there sister” and to karen who backed me up on the crazy of “…. um except in Safari…..” Ewokmama, L-Squared, Sarcastic Mom, Natalie and Kelly O who patiently used small words that after a day soaked through my head to make me go …. OH they mean go edit my CSS code and insert an image like I.. Read More

Weekly Winners – Photos

Week Three of Lotus’ weekly winners meme. Click the link to see more participants! Seven months old, standing in his crib, pulling up on everything, and climbing my stairs. All I can say is … eff you see kay Me. (I am so screwed.)   (and I got Ph0toshop Elements this week, I wish I had patience… but at least I can put the site name on my photos now)