So I was out returning baby stuff that we were never going to use (104 dollars worth of stuff that Babies R Us took back, they have a great return policy and since I arrived at the counter saying “I’m the jerk without a receipt, I will appreciate anything you can do for me” they were really nice to me too.)

I walked by somewhere and thought OMG! Must! Buy! Scout! Stuff! For! Christmas! Must! Must!

I got all clutchy and worried about what to buy, and then this record went RRRRRRIP! in my mind and I went WTF? What am I doing? Do I really want to spend Scout’s money on presents for him that he will feel only lukewarm about? Not really.

I have no great ideas for him for Christmas, and putting wrapped presents under the tree seems to imply “I found you this PERFECT gift! Here you go!”

I can’t do it. I don’t have perfect in me this year.

Stockings however. I think stockings are fun. I really love stockings. Random things that make you smile. Low stress. Just some love in a sock (okay, that’s a little gross if you have teenage boys in the house – my apologies), so I came home and made that suggestion. He seemed sort of okay with it. Then I reminded him that his birthday is coming up soon as well, so it’s not like he doesn’t have a ton of presents in his future anyway and he seemed happier with it. He’s also a fan of the me not being crazy. Which is a nice gift in itself.
Our stockings:


I ordered tartan a couple of years ago to make Scout a kilt. My mom made us stockings. The far right is Scout’s, the middle is mine and the left is Alex’s made with scraps of both of ours.

I’m going to make a very low key sales pitch. I feel kind of weird about trying to pimp you something, but I trust that you’ll forgive me …. please.

I have two other stockings that we aren’t going to use. It’s a his n hers set, all heavy duty satin, fully quilted, hand made, uber lush and nice.


The cream colored one has a couple of tiny flaws up around the top (a black speck and a red speck, namely) that dry cleaning would probably remove. I’d like to sell the two of them for $100. I looked at Etsy and it seems an okay price. If you are interested, send me an email at dawn at kaiseralex dot com.

</end sales pitch> (I feel a smidge dirty now).