Oh, I’m gettin’ motivated, my bloggy friends.

Thing one:

I have thought of my own little bloggy fun to have over here – anyone like making bling buttons? I have nothing to give but my thanks and total credit for the bling making, but someday when I have something to give – I will give it to you. AND you also get to know my hotshot (snicker, yeah right) idea before I unveil it to the world!

Thing two:

I feel the need for a tagline. A little something to go under the header of “Alex Year One”. I’m sure if I give it enough thought in the middle of the night while I should be sleeping, that I will come up with something, but perhaps some help ….

Thing three:

Could anyone use a $50 off a two night stay at a Marriott hotel? Scout and I have a coupon that must be used before the end of the year and we’re not going to get it used. If this would potentially make your life easier, leave a comment. If there is more than one, I’ll draw for it. Scout has also asked his online buds if anyone could use it – so the point here might be moo. (not a typo. I meant to say “moo”, It’s like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter.)

And totally luv and thanks to Jen and her husband for figuring out the fix of my header problem – I haven’t fixed it yet, but I wanted to give the public props to them in advance 🙂

And to my Secret Blogger Santa – I don’t know who you are yet, but your email made my day. It’s *so* outstanding to feel appreciated, and your email was one heckuva warm fuzzy. I’m thinking of printing it and taping it to my bathroom mirror – and if you think I’m kidding…. 🙂 So thank you thank you thank you, from (as always) the bottom of my boobs – which is a LONG way down!