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Guest post, by ….

It’s so hard to come up with an identity for a blog. Should I be “Mary, Laura and Carrie’s Mom”? Should I be “Caroline in the Middle of Nowhere”? Should I be “Charles’ Wife in Charge”? Or perhaps I should go incognito with something like “Shmaroline Shmingalls” … or maybe “Little House on the Prairie”. For the rest … make your way over to Cookiebitch.

You say you want a Hawtalucion … yeah … you know …

…. we are gonna change the world … these butchered lyrics are going through my head … Since the Hawtalucion Showin’ off on Saturday challenge was thrown down last weekend, I’ve been hearing mutterings … … Dawn reports she fell out of her Hawtalucion shirt at work … however she’s also reporting a potential raise … is it sexist of me to make a joke about a possible relationship between.. Read More