…. we are gonna change the world …

these butchered lyrics are going through my head … Since the Hawtalucion Showin’ off on Saturday challenge was thrown down last weekend, I’ve been hearing mutterings …

Dawn reports she fell out of her Hawtalucion shirt at work … however she’s also reporting a potential raise … is it sexist of me to make a joke about a possible relationship between those two factors? probably … Lord, I apologize.

Julie bought new glasses and got GREEN frames … totally visible!

Kyla was psychic and did the challenge before I even announced it πŸ™‚

… I showed you what I went and did … shoes and hair …

So … time for me to show ya what I pulled out my closet:

Let’s start with what I’m prone to snuggle around in… XXL sweatshirt, black yoga pants, and slippers. Oh baby, Oh baby.


(dude, no comments on my hair – there’s a reason I was asking for Whoorl’s help … who else thinks it’s hysterical there is a Great Clips ad on the tv behind me?)

What if I actually made a tiny bit of effort?


Well lookie there! I apparently have some collarbones … who knew? And this? I am *just* as comfed out here as I was above. (Okay fine, the slippers are comfier, but I can’t exactly wear them in the snow or the rain.)

What happens if I lose my mind and don’t wear yoga pants …. Let’s see …


AH! I have a waistline! And red shoes! And the Kaiser has decided to join me in changing clothes!

At this point, I decided since Scout had already raised and eyebrow and asked, “Is this for the blog?” That I should make it worth his while with a boobie shirt:


And that boobie shirt may actually require me to buy one of these…. hmmmm….

Your turn πŸ™‚ Grab some Hawtalucion bling:


Post what you found in your closet, give us the link in the comments and I’ll pick a winner on … Monday!

Viva La Hawtolucion!