The women turned to the table and gathered around. No one immediately spoke. Then Abby began.

“It’s for the best.” She said it simply, but with a touch of challenge in her voice.

“Her heart is broken.” Leta said plaintively. “She hurts, how can you say this is best?”

Elizabeth placed her hand over Leta’s. A rare gesture of warmth from her. “As I said before. It’s so different nowadays. Think of how small our lives were, how simple. How our entire life revolved around our families and our towns. She has a chance to branch out. To see new things, to do something of her own. She doesn’t have to have a small life.”

Kesiah nodded but objected slightly. “I’m not sure I had a small life. I was born in Virginia, married in Tennessee and died in Illinois. I did see more of the country than some. More than LaVerne or Leta as a matter of fact. Even though I was much much older than either of them. They both lived in the same town their entire life.”

“LaVerne still has life!” Leta cut in harshly. Her mother heart still feeling protective of her only daughter, even now.

Elizabeth continued, “Yes, LaVerne has life, but she has fought for the variety in it, for the new experiences and the travel. She made the choice to root herself to her husband, family and town, but she’s tried very hard to fly to different places. I’m not sure but that she doesn’t have a wanderlust that she’s never been able to quench or to soothe.”

“She always tried to do what she thought was right.” Leta said. “And yes, I did, I stayed in one town my entire life. I was happy here, all I needed was right here. I had no reason to leave. Who is to say that our girl isn’t like me, that she doesn’t need to branch out and live some flamboyant life? What if this is what her heart desires? This town, this boy, this life?”

“It doesn’t matter if this is the boy she wants. It’s done, over. He’s gone. He’s married. Would you wish her to interfere in a another woman’s marriage?” Abby asked.

The room was quiet.

The room was quiet for a while. Everyone knew that of course, Leta wouldn’t wish the girl to tamper with another marriage. To make her say that out loud was not necessary, but the conversation was stalled. Halted. No one could think of how to pick of the threads of conversation and begin again.

So the room remained quiet.