This week it’s an audio challenge. Scout got me an iTunes gift card for Christmas and I’ve been wandering through music and I want to share with you . . .

Top Five Songs That Take Me Back To High School

1. Violent Femmes – Blister in the Sun

2. Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work (cuz I wore the black and was DEEP never mind it was on the She’s Having a Baby soundtrack)

3. They Might Be Giants – Particle Man (the vid is a tribute to the five men of Lost – it’s pretty hilarious – especially “Universe Man”)

4. Soup Dragons – I’m Free (first out of town concert I attended. also got the tickets on the morning of my first hangover)

5. The Frantics – Tae Kwon Leap (Dr. Demento came on at midnight Sunday and ran till 2am on Monday morning – I would stay awake until 1:15 listening and then hit record on my double cassette tape recorder to get the last 45 minutes. Not a great way to start out the week, but at least I had fun stuff to listen to as I drug my ass out of bed on Monday morning.)

(Honorable Mention to Love and Rockets – Haunted When the Minutes Drag – it was actually my inspiration for this list, but You Tube didn’t have a vid for it and while I was looking for it, I thought of the Femmes, and really, didn’t the Femmes sum it up for a lot of us?)


Your challenge? Grab the bling, and some time between now and next Sunday, post your own “Top Five Songs That …. ” …. you fill in the blank what your own top five will be. Come back and post your link in the comments (or the Mr. Linky … we’ll see …)


Your prize? Well a mix CD of music of course. You’ll either love it or use it to play fetch with your dog 🙂


(Yes, of course, I stole the mix CD idea from my Wondertwin.)