3rcshowingoff1.JPGThe winner of the CD from the last challenge is Julie of Rats in Lab Cancer!

Some of you have been following Sandy from Momisodes and the journey to owning a home – this is their moving weekend! HOORAY!

Lou and Lotus got together and organized a huge toast to Sandy and her family’s new adventure and this got me thinking about getting settled in a new home and what makes a home feel like a home to me and to you.

This week’s challenge is to share what makes your home feel like home to you, what makes you feel peaceful and settled?

Lets open our homes to Sandy, as she opened hers to us today. Post on your blog between now and next Sunday and sign Mr. Linky here.

This week’s prize is a wine rack – I’ll be back later with a photo and to edit this post with what makes my home feel like home – right now I’m anxiously awaiting Scout’s arrival after being gone all week – and what makes him love his home is not tripping on things as he comes in the door in the dark – so I need to make sure that happens for him. (I mean, uh, no, clearly, I NEVER clean like a fiend in the hour before he walks in the door.)