Deacon: Alex sounds just like Little Deacon 1

Me: I don’t know how we ended up with such stubborn kids

Deacon: Must be from our spouses

Me: Clearly they didn’t get it from you and I

At this point I’m pretty sure our respective spouses had rendered themselves blind from the excessive eyerolling. Which is silly, cuz we aren’t stubborn.

This conversation from siblings who got in a huge disagreement a few years back, didn’t speak for years, arranged to miss holidays where the other was present (cuz we aren’t stubborn) and only suffered through sitting in the same room together when I was already AT Grandma’s when Dad arrived and told me two of my brothers were arriving shortly. I said, “You’d BETTER mean Prof and Forbes.” He just walked away. That disagreement was finally settled by he and I each writing a singular long ass diatribe to the other stating all of our grievances and never speaking of it again.

Technically neither of us have ever apologized for any of that. (Cuz we aren’t stubborn.)

How about you? Are you stubborn?

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