Okay. Funny as I typed the title I typed “Growing towards a God”. Wonder what else is on my mind.

Once upon a time, I was a Recruitment Adviser for my college sorority chapter. I attended a conference organized by the international group geared towards helping chapters have more successful recruitments.

There was a great workshop on “branding”. The main idea being to pick 3 words that you want to describe your chapter, everything you do should fall into one of the categories/words you have chosen for your chapter.

It’s a lot like the concept on HGTV’s Find Your Style. Pick 4 or 5 elements for your room and stick with them. (I’m a total addict. I heart DVR.)

I went through a long, dark patch, and had just pulled myself out of it when the shizzle hit the fizzle.

I’m ready to get my act together. I have the time, the resources and I’m striving to have the energy to do it. Perfection is not an option. Perfection is not a goal. Improving my life, Scout’s life and Alex’s life – absolutely.

My thoughts started out rather superficially. All about looks. Hair, clothes, style. Fun stuff.

I always liked the look of Carolyn Bessette.

(Photo from Vanity Fair.)

and Reese Witherspoon


(Photo from Popsofa.com.)

Does this mean I want to be blonde? Nope. It’s something about their general look I’m drawn to.

(For the record, my girl crush on Reese was eclipsed by Addison Forbes Montgomery Shepherd.)


(Photo from msnbc.com.)

Which then led me to my house. My poor, neglected, messy house. How I wish it looked more like this.


(Photo from www.pompy.com)

That said, I’ve decided on my 3 descriptors – are you ready?

Clean, Chic and Just Enough

Today starts a new day. Wanna join me?