You know how you can live in a place and be in a place every day and then all the sudden you realize omgwtf this is FILTHY and you’ve just realized it’s FILTHY *AND* you realize you’ve written a big ole run on sentence?

So this doesn’t look TERRIBLE

Until you compare it to the other side (less trampled on) side of the room

Then ya start going hmmm…… perhaps a little gross?

Enter this (and no, no one paid me to use this – except for perhaps the big box store that didn’t actually charge me for it because it was under a bunch of stuff in my cart.)

In one swipe of the shoe polish like applicator – my floor looked like it should have that little “bing” gleam like what dings off of a cartoon superhero’s teeth when she smiles.

So then I wrote a message in my grout lines – because I’m a 12 year old boy at heart.

(yes I climbed on my sink to take the photo.)

Digitally enhanced photo:

After one coat – it looked like this

Time elapsed to do entire bathroom? Less than one Alex nap. I’ll post a shot of the finished floor later – but this stuff is *awesome*. My favorite part is that when I went back to wipe up the excess, the excess came right off the tile and the non-excess stayed exactly where it belonged – in the grout.

And if this isn’t enough – I went and built shelves!

I’ll post a how-to after they are completed – but I need *your* help to get them finished –

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