Oh my adoring public. I’ve missed you. No really. I’ve missed you. But to jump right in, 3 events have kept me from you these long, long months. 1. Mommy’s email “crapped out”, 2. Mommy’s camera “crapped out”. 3. My Grandpa died in March. Mommy has been too busy designing tshirts that say “SUCK IT SPRING 2008” to help me write to you all. But here I am, back and better than ever!

After spending much of the month of April in the mighty state of Mommy’s home, I topped off my tour of Highway 13 between The Burg and Big Rich with my first birthday celebration. I got cake, people came to see me that day. I got presents! And because I can’t hold a pen yet, Mommy is hoping that people will understand why I didn’t send out thank yous …. don’t get me started on trying to reach the mailbox…

I worked off those calories by working out and getting buff with my awesome walker. It has been dubbed The Magpie Mobile because I collect all things bright, shiny or just interesting in the front of it. I especially like things like Keys to the car when running late and Debit cards. Check out my feet, I’m moving so fast that I’m blurry!

My cousin sent me a phone, I luff it. I luff all phones. Or things that look like phones. Or things that might be phones someday …. no Mommy, I’m not going to fall for that coconut being a phone, nice try though.

My Mimi taught me to eat apples. I hear an apple a day takes the doctor away – good thing too, every time I go to the doctor they look all inside me and I am not a fan. Although, might I petition to change “apple” to “french fry”?

Finally, I decided, What the heck. Let’s try walking. See my farm in the background?

I like to help Mommy with her knitting. I am very good at arranging her finished products all over the house. But I look so innocent.

No really, innocent. It helps me get away with eating salsa by the handful. Or lapful. Whatever.

Tavish and I had a meeting of the minds. It was way more important than that Yalta thing at the end of WWII. I mean, did they have bottles and cats there… well probably… (ed note: and by “cat” I mean …. euphemism…)

And again with the food. And the innocence. Helps Mommy get over her organic whole foods guilt.

See? Cuteness takes practice. Oh look, more carbs in front of me. Atkins what?

This is my good buddy Tigger. I call him “CA!” I also call Tavish “CA!” I also call gorillas “CA!”. If it has four legs, I’m probably calling it “CA!” Not to be confused, of course, with “CAH!” because THAT is clearly things with four wheels not four legs.

I am big into decorating. My design motto is “a bare floor is a boring floor” so each time Mommy and Daddy clear off the floor, I immediately fix this style paux fas.

My sense of personal style is evolving as well, here I style my hair while inspecting my inner eyelids.

And this fine ensemble features the fashionable mardi gras beads, diaper, one croc and one leather shoe. Don’t you wish your toddler was hot like me?

No matter where you are, I hope you are as happy as this. And that you don’t email my winky all over the internets.

Lovely to be back in the loop again, I have missed you!

Kaiser Alex