*as I write this, I’m working on my buzz with a wine called Damifino, I am harrassing friends on Twitter, Scout is sleeping upstairs, Alex is sleeping upstairs, my mom is working crosswords across the room from me. All is well – which makes me twitch, I’m not a natural optimist – keep this in mind for the rest of the post*

Suckit08 is almost over.

It has been a shit year for me and for lots of you around me. (I’d link to you all, but see “Damifino” reference above.)

And we have all survived. (Well, that’s not true – we aren’t ALL here, that’s part of what SUCKS.)

I am deciding to believe that 2009 will be my year, our year.

Months ago, Grandy mentioned BRINGIT09. I’ve lived on this phrase since I read it and sent her the response of “fuck yeah! Bringit09!” She even has her own post about Suckit08 and Bringit09.

BRINGIT09! will be the year of excess for me.

An excess of health.

An excess of love.

An excess of joy.


Happy New Year 2009, I’m as happy to see you as Loter is to see her wine.

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(it’s 12:01. I actually felt the weight pull off me. it’s a new year. Happy New Year!)