Every time I get on an airplane, I get pissed off about the first class section. Bigger seats, better service, personal bathroom, convenient on and off the plane. The free drinks? Eh, that doesn’t phase me – I can carry on my own booze that tastes better anyway.

It irks me because it’s all about money and not about need. Pregnant and needing extra space? Too bad, sit in coach. On crutches from an injury? Too bad, hobble your ass back to coach. A case of IBS? Too bad, hope you can run down the aisle while sqeezing your buttcheeks together – and that no one is in the bathroom when you get there. Have a connection that you may miss because your flight was delayed? Suck it up and wait for the 50 people in front of you to get their oversized roller suitcase out of the overhead bin – prepare to miss your flight.

Yes, I could pay for first class and get my own warm towel – but I think there are better ways to spend my money.

Five days into this shiny new year and things are spectacular. The year still seems fresh and possibility filled.

On New Years Eve, Erin, the Queen of Spain, said she’d had such a great 2008, that she wanted to pass along some of her BlogHer love to someone else with a paid registration to BlogHer09.

I read that and it felt so right to me. A gift, a free gift, with no strings attached. I could take some of the awesome of BringIt09! and share it with someone else.

So through the wonder that is Twitter, I schemed with Erin to tag along and ALSO pass along some BlogHer love to a second person.

Erin and I both totally loved one woman’s plan for how BlogHer09 would help her. (Not that we had to agree, but man, this woman impressed us both.) Check out Queen of Spain to see who she is.

The woman I’d like to send to BlogHer09 said

“I admit, I have nothing to wear, no idea at this moment how I can afford it with all my other start-up expenses, but that free registration is the open door to my dream: to be the equivalent of the creative love child of Studs Terkel and Eve Ensler reaching out to creative people everywhere via this blog.

I’ve spent years telling the world I honestly believe you can live your dream if you’re willing to do the work necessary to get there. Talent is nice, but hard work and determination can take you to realms you always dreamed of. I’m willing to figure out my end of the budget if Erin picks me”

Mel Edwards – start figuring out your end of the budget, I’ve got yer registration right here.

Why do I believe you’ll make it work?

“AmTrak, with my AAA discount, $272…and 27 hrs each way…leaves plenty of time for blogging and meeting new creative people.”

You made that train ride sound like an adventure – I know you’ll get positive things out of BlogHer09 with that point of view. And if you wear a size 9 1/2 – 10, I have some shoes for ya.