Well, I went out and found the an answer and I’m going give you some info and a formula.

Bear with me.

My information comes from a public source for an invitation only media network. Anyone can find this information if one knows where to look – I stumbled onto it and went *facepalm* that was easy. (So easy it took me 23 months to find it. *headdeskbangouch*.)

The data compiled (well now I’m just showing off I know how to write a sentence that doesn’t use the word fuck. Oh shit. Now I’ve blown it. Fuck it.) is from ten parenting blogs. Interesting to me is that I haven’t even *heard* of three of these blogs and they get 40,000 hits (or more) a month. I tell you that NOT to be all, ‘well who do they think THEY are’? No, I tell you that because that’s proof positive that there is a whole lot of room out in blog land for any of us who would like to make a go of it

The ten blogs have page views from 30,000/month to 4,970,000 page views/per month. With an average of 632,000 page views/month.

I crunched a lot of numbers which I’m not going to bore you with, I will get to the point of what you want to know – How much should* I charge for ad space on my blog? (* should I = ‘could I’ = ‘can I’)

125×125 graphic ad

number of page views per week times .003 = an idea of how much to charge for 125×125 graphic ad space on your blog per week

125×125 text ad

number of page views per week times .0024 = an idea of how much to charge for 125×125 text ad space on your blog per week

Now notice those little fractions of pennies – now I understand why people use the “CPM” (CPM more or less means cost per 1000 page views)

for a 125×125 graphic the CPM was an average of 4.76/1000 page views. This is just another way to get a feel for where to begin.

If you are dying for more geeky detailed info, email me and ask. I just didn’t want to bore.

(all data accurate as of February 22, 2009)

Now – I don’t normally do the “hey if you like this, will you stumble this/tweet this/link to this” thing – but after being at BlogHer and BlissDom and in this for 23 months and now having 3 friends where I was 20-22.5 months ago going OMGWTF where do I begin? Help the community out – tell people to come check this out – it’s at least a jumping off point. And I will be adding more information as I sit and compile it so this particular post will get better over time. I Promise.

And then I’ll be able to talk about how much peeps can make on this gig. Yeah, you know you wanna know. 🙂


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