… or, this blog.

This was going to be a private, password protected, blogspot blog all about Alex. Then it grew, and changed.

There’s the new name now. Kaiser Mommy. Rebranding is a bit of bitch (or bitca for you BtVS fans) and feels like it might just take forever.

There’s that new tagline. It started out when I saw it as a piece of LawyerMama‘s flair on Facebook. (How’s that for Web 2.0 – I found the meaning of life on a virtual piece of flair in a social media outlet.) I caught it in passing and the tires of my brain went scrrrreeeeeech.

“Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.” (Maggie Kuhn)

Ho-Ho-Holy Shit.

My mind is going all. the. time. I’m afraid to speak up. Oh, I’ll write, but speaking is fucking hard on me. Especially that voice shake thing.

I once saw a naturapath who told me to “speak my truth”, that women tend to have sore throats and thyroid issues when they hold things in. She said it wasn’t a free pass to be a bitch (damn!) but to speak my truth and quit bottling it up.

So here we are. Damn I’m old.

“speak your truth, even if your voice shakes”