yeah right.

Katy sent me a couple of ziploc bags of fleece from Pink Cyclone and Hope – I’ve never spun before, even though I’ve had the drop spindle since Christmas.

I started with Pink Cyclone. After burying my face in the big puff of fiber for a loooong time, I got started.

dsc_2056It ain’t necessarily pretty, but for a first attempt, I’m pleased – it held together, so I got something right.

I’m working on an afghan that I’m patterning after a quilt I saw in a magazine, I used my brand new yarn in it.

That big puffy part that doesn’t quite match and is totally not the same weight yarn? Yeah, that’s mine.

I was going to wait to spin Hope’s fiber until I got some cards and was able to hand card it (like I think you are actually supposed to). I’m impatient and went for it today.


It’s an improvement over my initial try. I’m already making deals with myself over what I?Ǭ† have to do in order to get me some more fiber…. mmmmm …. soft alpaca fiber …. mmmmm…..

Now go see Katy for more fiber yummies.