(I have a lot of deep thoughts while I’m not sleeping. Big, important, deep thoughts. I don’t know how to share them all yet, but I’m going to try to pare things down to small bits that I can manage.)


1. Walking. Almost 40 million hits on the goog about Benefits of Walking.

2. Laughing. Just reading the facebook status updates of people makes me all tense and clutchy and stroke feeling. Laughter sets that feeling free and replaces it with a lighter feeling.

3. A clean kitchen. This is my goal for today. A clean kitchen. I will use my kitchen sink as a home base to start and just keep going.

4. Sharing what I have. I gave my birthday money to Anissa. Told her not to spend it all on hookers and blow.

5. Brushing my teeth. Cuz for serious. Wow. Needs to be done – I’m off to do it right now.