It’s the last night of Christmas Break. I’m sitting here pondering the presents I received.

I have wracked my brain and I believe I opened exactly one present – from the Dude’s grandma. A little note set and some lotion. Clearly a grandma present and clearly, “This girl’s gotta get a present if she’s coming to my home for a present swap” kind of gift.

I made all the presents I gave this year by hand – or close to it. I carefully thought through each present and they were given with love.

Don’t think I am whining – I only just now noticed my nearly “present-less” holiday season. I was too busy paying attention to the gifts.

– A family friend taking in my mom when her furnace went out.

– All the dude’s coworkers who tried to get mom’s furnace parts working again.

– The dude and his boys who took care of Alex when I was down with the cold/flu/death plague for the entire break.

– His extended family who treated me like their own.

– My friend who sent me an honest to goodness card and letter giving me love.

– The state certification that FINALLY came in.

Babies born, and mommies safe.

– The 12 year old who said, “I didn’t have any money so I got you something from school.” (Makes no difference I have seen no present, this time it was truly the thought that counted.)

– All the people who sent Alex a little something.

– The home I am buying.

– Alex being watched and cared for while our little posse went to see Harry Potter on Christmas night.

– Singing Alex’s song to him as the clock was turning midnight on New Year’s Eve. Starting a new year with my greatest love.

I didn’t unwrap much, but I’m most grateful for the wisdom to see all I have been given.

To you all – Happy New Year – I wish for you perfect gifts for your world.