So, I am alone andร‚ย  The Dude is spending time with the tatted up skank. She is taking over girlfriend roles – stopping by his mom’s house, getting invited by the fam to his sister’s graduation.

His apartment is almost entirely de-Dawned except for some furniture sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. He asked for the key to his apartment back. He gave me back my car keys and house key.

And they fight about me every day. She wants him to stop talking to me. He won’t do it. She throws down “tell her to leave or give me all my stuff”, he packs all her stuff and hands it to her. She throws down ultimatums and fights with him about me all the time.

He may not want to be my love, but he’s sure as hell digging in his heels on this friendship thing.

So in turn, I am reaching out. I’ve been very locally involved for the last many months, I am now working on reaching out to my network of friends who I haven’t done a great job of keeping in touch with.

I hope I can be the kind of friend to others that I need in my life right now.