Kaiser Mommy

Choose Joy. Every Time.


I named this three times before deciding “preparing” was right. I started with “Growing” then “Waiting”. I am preparing. I am preparing my home. I am making this home mine. Alex gets a little say, but really, this is my space and I’m so thrilled with the chance to create my own space. I am letting go of what I don’t need. Which will result in you seeing some photos.. Read More

For Zooey

I have excellent friends. You know this – you are one of them. Zooey was my first “adult” friend. As in the first friend I made as a post college grad, on my own terms, friend. Zooey was married (still is) to probably my polar opposite. The first I knew of him was a hyena cackle coming from the kitchen at work after he put a burrito in the microwave.. Read More