That first year after Dad died was full of “this is the first day that …. without him”. Since he died in March 2008, Leap Day had already passed. In my own dorkalicious fashion, I’ve known all along that this “Last First Day” was out waiting, and now tomorrow it will be here.

It’s not really a Big Deal, it’s just a little milestone bump in this road. Like Huh, that’s interesting.

Mostly I think it gives me another chance at a new beginning. Like New Years 2012 when I declared I was looking for good things. Then I got all germy and sick and just looking for tissues.

Then came my birthday – which really I was prepared for a great philosophical post, all about finding success, and how Julia Child didn’t start cooking till she was 37 and how we are the designers of ourselves. Then I got completely overwhelmed and lost and scared of my shadow.

So here we are five days later and I’m still lost, but less floofy about it. Yet again, here’s a new beginning and an end. The next Leap Day, I will be in a new decade of life. (Scary scary).

I’m tempted to come up with some four year plan. Yet again, maybe not.

For some reason, this “Last First Day” *FEELS* important. Filled with possibility.

So tell me, if you were me, how would you choose to be great?