Well. Here it is. A thirty day commitment to doing the thing I love but that I never do, at least not with any regularity.

Back in the old days, we all jumped in and just wrote our asses off and loved it. Now it takes NaBloPoMo (affectionately (GoBloMeMoFo, again, by the OG) combined with #OpEleanor to get me going.

My computer is fried and I can’t stand blogging from the phone, so I am making this commitment having to use either the iPad or the phone, and as a slow adopter of tech, I already hate it. (Note how I am not linking anything, it is because I can’t stand pounding around on this thing like a drunken monkey, but here I am anyway.)

My goal for the month of November is to write a Bridget Jones Diary kind of blog, I am trying to fix so many things in my world, and NBPM gives me the boost to do what I set out to do while keeping me accountable, and making me write.