My sister in law got me into essential oils over the summer, and I have found some great benefits from them.

Then came the Ebola virus in the US (never mind that I heard about Ebola for the first time in 1994, now that it affects white peeps on US soil, apparently now we all care.)

Then came people making claims that specific blends of essential oils could … Cure Ebola.

Which, come on. No one has any proof of that, no one has any tests. Hey, if a nurse had taken some to Liberia and used it and found that survival rates were improved when the oils were used, sure. This wasn’t that, these were cute Pinterest graphics with misty background photos. Come on.

Next came someone who filed a complaint with the FDA, because, yeah, you have people making wild claims. Unfortunately it led to three companies basically getting cease and desist letters from the FDA to shut it down, shut down people making claims about what their products did, no matter what.

Which has pros and cons, the biggest con is that it restricts the use of Evidence Based Practice, which has become a very important part of science based communities sharing experiences without conducting large scale studies and writing awkward papers that no one can decipher anyway.

The jerk in me finally came out, and I have searched and I can not find an answer I am looking for… Does the FDA approve water for treatment of dehydration? Seriously, we all know it works, but has the FDA said it works?

(now I wrote this because I really am curious, but on the off chance you want to check out essential oils you can go to and my number is 1906175 (and I would link that but this franking iPad is the least blogger friendly contraption ever invented and I can’t, like physically can not make it link and I am tired of cursing at it.)