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NaBloPoMo 16 Nov 14

I’ve never been a hunter, my family didn’t get into it until later in life, so I didn’t grow up with it so much. Fish and frog legs, but not so much deer and turkey. I never like seeing all the dead deer photos, the glassy dead eyes just get to me. This was opening weekend for rifles in Missouri. I didn’t go, but I was awake to my foot.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 15 Nov 14

I have stared at my walls for about four years. There are weird angles in this house. Like someone was allergic to right angles or something. The worst corner has been in the living room where the fireplace is. I painted the white fireplace the same cream that has been on the wall, and I painted over it with a beautiful blue (Sherwin Williams Bosphorus). I arranged the dustables toward.. Read More