I was all about GoBloMeMoFo 2014. Even if I had to post a couple at a time to make up for it, I was liking being in the groove of writing – even if I was hating the process of blogging on an iPad.

I bought an old laptop so I could at least have an easier way to work, and then I broke.

Ferguson happened and the internet blew up and no one would shut up and I shut down. Everyone had too much to say and I quit saying anything at all.

I got to Thanksgiving and ended up spending Thursday night to Saturday night without talking to anyone. I nested with the dog and the cats and I was alone with my knitting and Reign on Netflix.


This is my birthday month and it is a big one – so for that, for this month, I am back, borrowing Mrs. Flinger’s {W}rite of Passage tag for this month – because that is what this month is all about for me.