I read something in August or so about a couple who consciously let go of their home because they knew they couldn’t keep up with it and they could choose a life or choose to keep paying faceless mortgage brokers.

In August I again paid all my bills and my minimum payments on the credit card and felt all the things you feel when things are tight but not quite tragic.

In September I added up all my credit card debt, cried, confessed how bad it was to my best friend, put on my big girl panties, admitted a truth and made a plan.

Truth. I can’t pay those minimum balances. Yep, I ran them up, yep I have the stuff, but I can’t pay them. I got myself in trouble and I’m willing to pay CitiChaseCapitaloneLowes until my dying day if I have to, but I just can’t do it at the rates they want me to.

So four of them got 25 dollars a piece and one of them, the lowest balance, got 50 dollars. I think they call it “debt snowball”.

Once I realized and admitted that I just couldn’t hang with it, and I could do something if not everything, it was easy.

Of course it sucks to pay 25 dollars and get a late fee for 35.


Just as I had made peace with this ….

My contract got terminated. So things went from tight to stifling.

Then I read Screw Finding Your Passion.

UGH. I get it universe. I HEAR YOU.

I will step forward in faith and a massive amount of fear of the unknown. Please Dear Universe, keep us safe and in our house and out of court and jail in the meantime.