In true soul sucking form, going back to work wiped me out. 630 am starts are not my jam. I’m not quite but really close to burned out on working in schools and not loving children. I don’t know if I need a change of venue, a change of age group, or a change of career. It would figure that just as the money is good I would be ready for change.

I left work, went straight to a Neuro appt for mom, then home. I need to figure out some kind of reset button from work to home because I get home after 9 hours of being “on” and I want to be done.

We did yoga, and I was kind enough to myself to not do all the lunges because all they do is make me scream and hate on myself. So I just didn’t do them.

Then a lot of run around with Mom’s appointment for tomorrow because stuff like that seems never ending. (Except that really it is just sporadically in hyperfocus these days. I just hate dealing with it entirely.)

Started A Million Little Things tonight. It’s either going to contain a lot of excellent moments or it’s going to go to tripe real quick. Let’s find out.