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Happy Chanukkah :)

Tonight at sundown marks the first night of Chanukkah – Blessings to you this holiday! I went and learned just a bit about it. You can check it out here.

Perfect Post Award – November

Who knew that labeling yourself a failure could get you an award eh? How about that telling of moving from a glorious home to a crappy one could make my heart expand three sizes for how hard that must have been? Or being ostracized from those around you makes me wish I could go back in time and space so we could hang out? This story was all about being.. Read More

I’m thankful for blogging

There’s no way I’m going to be as eloquent as this topic deserves, but this post has been rolling around for a while, and today is the right day to set it to words. Please bear with me here. *** I started reading blogs while I was pumping. It gave me something to focus on to pass the time of the at least two hours a day I spend listening.. Read More


It is 835pm. Scout, Kaiser and Tavish are all asleep on the bed beside me. Alex is leaning toward Scout, Tavish is curled in the angle behind Scout’s knees. My home is quiet, save for the clicking of my fingers on the keyboard. At 835pm people! I have hours to do … whatever I want! Guilt free! I’m not even losing sleep! I can make my NaNoWriMo goal for today.. Read More


I see traffic from Germany on my site. I am so jealous. Some 160 years ago, my great great grandfather’s parents and sister and brother boarded a boat in Germany and got off in New Orleans. Last summer, Scout and I went to Europe, we went to Cologne (Koln … I can’t find the umlaut on my keyboard) where his family came from and Hannover where my family came from… Read More

Perfect Post Award – October

It’s my first awarding of a perfect post. For the record, I picked this as my perfect post before I knew we had the same job AND had both sat in the same crusty booths of the same late night diner while we were in college TOGETHER and never knew each other. The stay at home mom gig is hard. Scout has looked me square in the eye and said,.. Read More

“People Who Like Me”

So, there’s a new category over in the sidebar (which is hard to read with the pink, I know) – It’s technically a blogroll, but I don’t want anyone to ever feel left out – it’s the same problem I have with tags and awards and why I never got asked to Prom – So it’s called People Who Like Me – If I’m on your blogroll, you are on.. Read More

Best Best Stuff

After the Kaiser slept 90 minutes (unaided by endless patting or bottle and after putting himself to sleep), and I did lots of blog surfing, and had hilarious emails with her, I came downstairs to this: “I know things are difficult right now. But I really appreciate the job you do every day feeding and taking care of Alex. I know what a drain it is on you. Hang in.. Read More

Good Good Stuff

In light of my recent grumbles and heartaches (eh, that’s a little strong, but I’ll use it anyway, too lazy to drag out the thesaurus) it’s time for a touch of attitude adjustment on my part. Here is the tale of Good Good Stuff: The Good Good Stuff List originates from a float trip at church camp camp back in college. I was in a canoe with my best friend.. Read More