Okay, so there are a few perks to being pregnant.

1. You can eat as much as you want and really never feel guilty
2. Watching the baby move in your stomach – I could do this for hours, like a cat watching a fishbowl
3. Getting a laugh out of the midwife who said she didn’t need to “check” you at your visit – her comment “if I can’t see the head, I don’t care if you don’t”
4. You can say whatever you want, people just go ‘oh, the poor pregnant dear’ instead of ‘what a bi-atch’ (at least within your hearing
5. When someone calls to see how you are doing, “shitty” is a perfectly acceptable response – especially when it’s someone else who’s already walked this walk
6. I’m pregnant and look better than Kelly Osbourne http://icydk.com/2007/04/03/kelly-osbourne-is-hot/
7. Cute baby clothes
8. Cute baby bedding
9. Using the word ‘cute’ and not feeling bad about it
10. Food

Okay, food really isn’t that huge of a deal, but it seemed like the list needed ten things on it.