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Indignity of the day

While I did get to avoid being “checked” (or as Becky says “I sure don’t miss those frequent checkups where they dig into you like they are looking for their car keys.”) when I had to leave the “sample” I did pee all over my hand. Sigh.

34 years old

My husband is 34 years old (I think….) His mother just put HIS baby clothes in the mail for us to use.

10 days ish

Okay, so there are a few perks to being pregnant. 1. You can eat as much as you want and really never feel guilty2. Watching the baby move in your stomach – I could do this for hours, like a cat watching a fishbowl3. Getting a laugh out of the midwife who said she didn’t need to “check” you at your visit – her comment “if I can’t see the.. Read More

11 days ish

You remember that whole Happening adage – “Let go and let God”? Well seriously, I think someone made that up in a desperate hour when they couldn’t take it anymore. Someone paraphrased Scarlett O’Hara’s “I’ll think about that tomorrow”, crossed it with Engel’s “Sometimes ya just gotta say what the fuck” and decided to make it non crass, and something that could be said in front of grandmothers. Cuz seriously,.. Read More