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41 weeks 4 days

Oh thank God, I’ve had contractions for the last 2 hours. About every 8 and a half minutes or so. I’ve had them laying down, I’ve had them sitting up, I’ve had them while moving around. Seem to have passed the test of “if you change activity do they stop?” Going to go take a bath here in a bit – mostly just so I can shave what I can.. Read More

Two drunks on a final bender

oh yeah, that’s what the trip to Target for pasta sauce and some milk and some peanut butter turned into. Spinal Tap, Veronica Mars S2, Scrubs S2, Friends S8, two different cake mixes, muffin mix, 3 kinds of ice cream, three boxes of jalapeno poppers, more chocolate, mac n cheese, chips, Milanos …. we did get the stuff we went in for – but holy crap all the other stuff!.. Read More