Oh thank God, I’ve had contractions for the last 2 hours. About every 8 and a half minutes or so. I’ve had them laying down, I’ve had them sitting up, I’ve had them while moving around. Seem to have passed the test of “if you change activity do they stop?” Going to go take a bath here in a bit – mostly just so I can shave what I can see (which face it, isn’t much) and get my hair washed and straightened. Think I’ll go lay (lie?) down with Scout and Tavish for a bit, then eat, then bathe. Oh yeah, need to call and cancel that 840 am appt – I don’t think I need to go over there for an appt and then come home and then go back later today.

And believe me, being 291 days pregnant, and having faced the idea of all kinds of needles and chemicals and surgery for over a week – with every contraction, my reaction is pretty much along the lines of “Thank you sir, may I have another?”